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I would like to welcome you to "El Paso's Musicians (Past and Present)" My intent with this site is to bring information about musicians I have known in El Paso from the 60's to present day. Many of the musicians that you will be reading about were either in groups that I played in while living in El Paso, as well as, the ones that I befriended all throughout high school and college. I graduated from UTEP in 1972 and in 1973 my wife and I left El Paso with a vocal show group called The Sounds Royale. The group started out with Sam Stephenson (guitar-vocals), Gayle Hageman (bass-vocals), Tedd McKeever (keyboards-vocals), Debbie Wilson (flute-vocals) and myself, Rick Kern (drums-vocals) The group was based out of Newport Beach, CA. We performed at mainly Orange County venues such as The Disneyland Hotel, Charley Browns in Huntington Beach, The Newporter Inn, Del Webb's Townhouse and the San Francisco Hyatt Regency. For many years all the members of our group were scattered all over the place. Sam, has retired as the Dir. of Safety for Union Pacific Railroad and moved back to his hometown of El Paso, Tx. Gayle, Tedd and Wayne have all passed away. Sam and I are still trying to find Debbie. I am sure she is warming many hearts out there somewhere with her fabulous voice. In 1978 my wife and I moved back to El Paso to be with our respective families and to start our own family. Both of our kids, Ricky and Nicole are musicians both living in Austin. Nicole use to play electric cello with an Austin band called Alex Dupree and the TrapDoor Band. She also played and toured with a popular Austin band called "Balmorhea". Both of our kids went to UT Austin. Ricky graduated in May, 2007 and Nicole graduated in May, 2008. They both love photography and film. The YouTube videos on this site were produced by my son to show our capability to show videos of performers on this site. Unfortunately when the Blogger site enabled encryption it deleted my videos. Hopefully we'll be able to retrieve them again in the future. He also did my colorful splash page that you see when you first log on to the site. There were two other groups that I played with while on the road. When the Sounds Royale disbanded I advertised my profile at the Local Musicians Union that I belonged to in Los Angeles. Two guys were looking for a drummer/vocalist and that was the beginning of "Tapestry". The members were Curt Hespe (keyboard-bass-horn-vocals) Dan Evans (guitar-bass horn-vocals) and myself (drums-horn-vocals) This was the group that travelled the most. We played many show rooms from one corner of the U.S. to the other, including two tours of Canada. Our very first job, after only being rehearsed for two weeks, was the Sahara in Lake Tahoe. During that time we appeared on the same billboard with Elvis, Diana Ross, Isaac Hayes, The Fifth Dimension and the Jackson 5. We were suppose to be there for one week and they held us over for 5. The only bad part of that booking was when we all came down with the flu at the same time. Remember the saying "the show must go on" well, it did with the grace of God and alot of liquids. This group continued travelling all over the country. We even took a three day break to cut an album in Cincinatti, Ohio at Queen City Studios. We sold the album mainly to people that saw our shows. This group lasted about three years. My last group on the road was also called "Tapestry" It consisted of Dan Evans from the first Tapestry, Jerry Johnson (bass-guitar-steel guitar-vocals), Danny Miller (guitar-vocals) and myself on drums and vocals. This group came together as a result of my old friendship with Jerry Johnson. He was a Chaplains Assistant at Ft. Bliss in El Paso in 1969. We played in a group called the Basic Sound at the Knights Club. That club was in the old Rodeway Inn at Bassett Center. Jerry was living in Long Beach, CA. when I asked him if he would like to form a new group. Out of my three groups on the road, this one was the group that was more destined for a recording contract and opportunity to break out of the club scene. We will never forget the night that we were playing at the Reubens in West Covina, CA. when our agent came in and told us that we were going to be on the Captain and Tennile TV Special with Neil Diamond. Dick Clark was the producer of the show. We signed the contract and had our original songs ready to showcase. There was only one small problem - none of the networks picked up the contract. How do you say "that's show biz" It was not too long after that I left the group and came back to my home town of El Paso where I still live. This is the rest of the story....

Saturday, March 6, 2021

Howard Steele and Richard Perry's Studio 55 in Hollywood

(Click Image to View)
El Paso's Howard Steele (who was a partner with Richard Perry)
 invited my wife and I towatch drummer - Jeff Porcaro lay down a drum 
track for a cut on a Diana Ross song for her new album. It was a
phenomenal experience watching Jeff and these producers
at work. The picture above was the only one I shot inside
their studio. They are gold records that had been produced
by them to include the works of: Ringo Starr, Leo Sayer,
Rita Coolidge and Diana Ross. I included a YouTube video
of Jeff recording Live with Toto in the studio. You can view it
at the bottom of the last post. For all of you drummers, there
are many YouTube videos of Jeff giving drum lessons and
live concert performances with Toto (Africa and Rosanna)
BTW - Toto was discovered in Howard's garage studio before
he joined forces with Richard to form Studio 55 - 5505 Melrose.
Submitted by Rick Kern

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

PT & the Cruisers

L-R Buddy Winston, Andre Bonaguidi,
Patty Tiscareno, Doug Neal and Gary Hollis
are PT & the Cruisers. They are all about
great musicians playing great music in a
concert type format. They are available
to entertain for any type venue - large or
small. Click on their link for additional
information on the group.
Booking Contact: Rick Kern

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


On Oct. 16, 2009 - music history was made.
El Paso turned out to see a show that took
over a year to organize. Forty seven musicians
came from all over the U.S. to play in their
respective groups from the 60's and 70's.
Click on the following link to revisit the
Border Lengends Concert of 2009.
Submitted by Rick Kern

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Border Legends Jam Tribute to Ron Stone

The top link is a video from our Tribute to Ron
This is a promo for Ron's group "Southwest"
that was produced in the 90's.
Submitted by Rick Kern

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ron Stone - July 30, 1952 - December 16, 2009

Ron Stone will be remembered by all
as having one of the biggest hearts a
human could have. He was a great friend and
musician who loved performing and sharing
his wonderful talent. I know that Angels
and Ron are singing today.
Visit the following link to see the musicial tribute to Ron
Submitted by Rick Kern

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Master of Ceremonies (Grammy-nominated)
Karen Taylor-Good
It will be two years this coming October that
I started this site about the great music
history of El Paso - Past & Present. It has
been an inspiration and dream to bring
together, once again, some of the actual
groups that many of us remember from the
60's and 70's. On October 16, 2009, El Paso
will have the opportunity to see this musical
reunion. The Lancers East will be the site
where ten of El Paso's most popular rock
and folk/rock groups will perform. There
will be 600 tickets available. Advance reser-
vations can be made by calling 915-584-4421.
Tickets are $20.00 and include food and show.
The show will feature:
Rod Crosby & The Intruders
Moon Pie Daince Band
Bobby & The Premiers
PT & The Cruisers
The Sherwoods
Karen Taylor Good
The Sojourners
Swift Rain
The Wild Ones
This will be a show that will have El Paso
fans talking for a long time - you don't
want to miss this one! Submitted by Rick Kern


(Click Image to View)
Thank you El Paso Inc. for doing a great
story on some of El Paso's Border Legends.
There are many musicians in El Paso that
are equal to the musician talent in this show's
line-up. There is just no physical way to put
them all in one show. You will see more of
them in future shows. Stay tuned...
Submitted by Rick Kern

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Saturday, August 2, 2008

El Paso Times Article About This Site - Aug. 2, 2008

(Click Link to View)
Please send us your pictures and stories to:
The El Paso Times did a nice article about the site:
Soon I will be launching a new site that will showcase
some of the bands that are currently playing in Texas.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Sounds Royale Reunion - April, 2007

The Sounds Royale - 1973

The Hyatt Regency San Francisco - 1973

(Click Image to View)
This was the first place that our Sounds Royale Show played on the
road. It was a two week gig, as I recall - at Christmas time, 1973.
The name of the room was The Happenstance Showplace
and the group that had just finished playing there was
some of our old friends that we got to know in El Paso - the
"We Five"
Submitted by Rick Kern

The Happenstance Showplace - Hyatt Regency, SF

(Click Image to View)
The We Five, The Sounds Royale, Gary & Company,
Frank Ricci, The Originals International,
Stewart Little. This was a three to four month
line up for the Happenstance - Hyatt Regency, San
Francisco in 1973. This was the Sounds Royale
first official (on the road) job - a great show room.
Submitted by Rick Kern

The Sounds Royale Show - May, 1974

(Click Image to View)
This was one of our performances probably at
the Golden Pheasant in Anaheim, CA. in 1974.
L to R: Rick Kern, Gayle Hageman, Debbie
Wilson, Sam Stephenson and Tedd McKeever.
Submitted by Sam Stephenson

The Sounds Royale Show - 1974 (Anaheim, CA)

(Click Image to View)
The Sounds Royale Show had really nice memories of this
show room. It was right by Anaheim Stadium. The most
memorable event that happened there was the night Debbie
was being featured on Jesus Christ Superstar's (I Don't Know
How to Love Him) You have to picture this - there's a pin spot
shining right on Debbie (while sitting on a tall stool). You could hear
a pin drop - she really had the crowd right where she wanted. Then
as we begin our crescendo for the big ending, we hear a loud
commotion coming from the entrance to the room. It was two
guys and a girl totally nude (streaking across the room). Needless
to say, we didn't finish the song. In fact, we said please stick around.....
we'll be back in fifteen with a new show.
We never saw the streakers again...
Submitted by Rick Kern

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Elvis - Sahara Lake Tahoe (Rick's group - Tapestry)

(Click Image to View)
June, 1974
During our 6 week engagement:
"Elvis" "Diana Ross and The Supremes" "The Fifth Dimension"
"The Jackson Five" and "Isaac Hayes"
This was a great gig!
(Look at the You-Tube video of Elvis at the Sahara
in the right margin)
Submitted by Rick Kern

Tapestry - June, 1974

Rick Kern & "Shorty" Sammy Davis Jr. Drummer - 1975

Rick Kern and "Shorty" the drummer for
Sammy Davis Jr. This was shot after a
Sammy Davis Jr. show that my wife and I
attended in Phoenix (Theater In the Round)
I believe it was in 1975.
Submitted by Rick Kern

Tapestry - Sahara, Lake Tahoe - 1974

Submitted by Rick Kern

The Jackson 5 - Sahara, Lake Tahoe - 1974

(Click Image to View)
Submitted by Rick Kern

The Jackson 5 - Sahara, Lake Tahoe - 1974

(Click Image to View)
L-R Sharon Kern, Johnny Jackson, Curt Hespe
and Jackie Hespe - visiting with the Jackson 5
in their dressing room after a show.
Submitted by Rick Kern

The Jackson 5 - Sahara, Lake Tahoe - 1974

(Click Image to View)
This shot was of the Jackson 5 performing
at the Sahara. Michael Jackson was 16.
I couldn't shoot with flash and there was
obviously lots of movement - so this was
about the best quality I was able to get.
Submitted by Rick Kern

Tapestry - Sahara, Lake Tahoe - 1974

.(Click Image to View)
L-R Rick Kern and Johnny Jackson (drummer
for the Jackson 5) This was shot in our dressing
room between shows. The Jackson 5 were at the
Sahara for one of the six weeks we were there.
We had a great time with them and I must say
they were one of the most cordial and out going
of all of the 'big names' we got to know on the road.
Submitted by Rick Kern

Tapestry - Sahara Lake Tahoe, June 1974

(Click Image to View)
Top Image: Tapestry at the Sahara
Curt Hespe, Rick Kern, Dan Evans
Middle Image: Command Performance
Command Performance was with out a
doubt, one of the best vocal show groups
in the 70's. Our group was asked by CP
to perform with them in Winnipeg, Manitoba
just a few months after meeting them in
Lake Tahoe. We were at the Sahara and they
were performing at Harrahs, across the street.
Submitted by Rick Kern

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tapestry - Marco Island, Florida - 1975

(Click Image to View

(Click Image to View)
L-R Curt Hespe, Rick Kern and Dan Evans
Marco Island, Florida was one of the premier
places to perform. We were right on the gulf
side of Florida. The sunsets, people and pina
coladas were fabulous!
Submitted by Rick Kern
(Click Image to View)
"Swanee, How I Love Ya, How I Love Ya,
My Dear Old Swanee"
Submitted by Rick Kern

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Tapestry - Recording in Hollywood (1977)

Left to Right: Danny Miller, Jerry Johnson,
Danny Evans, Rick Kern - recording
"What Am I Gonna Do If It Comes Out Country?"

Tapestry - 1978

(Click Image to View)
Left to Right: Rick Kern-Drums/Vocals
Dan Evans-Guitar/Keyboards/Vocals
Jerry Johnson-Guitar/Bass/Keyboards/Vocals
Danny Miller-Guitar/Banjo/Vocals
This was Rick Kern's last vocal-show group
on the road. They played mainly clubs and
show-rooms throughout Orange County, CA.
and the San Bernadino Valley. The songs that
are available to be heard in the right margin of
this site were two of our originals.

Mike Stone, Wony Jung, Rick Kern - 1977

Mike Stone was Phil Spector's (famous record
producer) body-guard. See the You-Tube Story
about Mike and Priscilla Presley in the right margin.
These pictures were shot after one of our Tapestry
performances in LA. Mike was dating Wony at the time.
She was the drummer of an all girl group called "The
Dae Han Sisters." Our group alternated shows with
them when we were touring Canada. Submitted by Rick Kern

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Rick Kern taking drum lessons from Louis Bellson

This was one of my highlights
of being on the road- the opportunity
to study with one of the greatest
drummers in the world - Louis Bellson
(Check out his solos on YouTube - in
the right column below my Tapestry
YouTube videos)

Johnny Carson's Drummer - Ed Shaughnessey

I got to study with Ed at Dick
Groves Music Conservatory
in Studio City, CA - he's another
awsome drummer!
Rick Kern and Ed Shaughnessey after one of my lessons.
Submitted by Rick Kern

TAPESTRY - After Performance in Springfield, Ohio

Liebert and Guy Lombardo after seeing the
Tapestry Show in 1976
(Click Image to View)

Tapestry Album

Album Cover Design by Sharon Nelson Kern

Tapestry Album

(Click Image to View)
This was an album that we did at Queen City
Studios in Cincinnatti, Ohio - 1975.
Submitted by Rick Kern

No, It's Not "Tammy and The Bachelor" - It's Debbie and Rick

(Click Image to View)
Did you know that Debbie Reynolds is from El Paso,
Texas? Her only living relative from El Paso (an uncle),
had passed away right before this picture was shot.
She told me that now she had no reason to ever return to
El Paso. Maybe she might consider coming here and doing
a show sometime.
Submitted by Rick Kern

Our Two Musicians of El Paso - UT PROUD!!

Our son Ricky graduated
from UT Austin in 2007
with a BS in Radio-Television-
Film and Business Foundations
from the Red McCombs School
of Business. He's a great photo-
grapher, web designer and
does pre and post video pro-
duction. You can see his work at:
Submitted by Rick & Sharon Kern
(Click Image to View)
This is the "Grand Daddy" of Graduations!
Put this moment along with the "Eyes of
Texas" being sung by the best college choir
and symphony in the country equals
Major Goose Bumps (GO HORNS!!)
Photo by Rick Kern Jr.
Commentary by Proud Dad

Our daughter Nicole just
graduated May, 2008,
from UT Austin. She has
a BA Degree in History with
an additional Concentration
in Film Studies. She's a great
Cellist, plays in two popular
Austin bands and does great
work at the PBS station and
Austin City Limits...stay tuned!

Nicole Kern - playing with "Balmorhea"

El Pasoan Nicole Kern (daughter of Rick & Sharon
Kern) has just become a band member of one of Austin's
most popular bands - "Balmorhea" She is also still playing
with "Alex Dupree and the Trapdoor Band" They will be doing
a concert at the Granada Theater in Dallas Friday, May 9, 2008.
Submitted by Rick Kern

Sonny Melendrez -

One of El Paso's Best - Sonny Melendrez
is one of the best DJ's to ever talk on the air-waves.
He left El Paso quite a few years ago to go to Los Angeles.
He worked at KTLA radio. My wife and I would listen to
him on the radio while driving home from my gigs in the
early A.M. hours. He later went on to work for Disney
and had a show called "You and Me Kid" We have a fond
memory of him coming to El Paso to Bassett Center and
brought Mickey & Minnie with him. He took our son
up on stage with him. He was only about 6 months at
the time - he's almost 25 now! Yeow!! Sonny is currently
living in San Antonio and has been an inspiration and
supporter of this site. Click on his Link below.
Submitted by Rick Kern

(Click Image to View)
Nicole Kern playing cello with "Balmorhea"

Nicole Kern - "Balmorhea" in Concert

(Click Image to View)
El Pasoan (and our daughter) Nicole Kern is playing with Austin, Tx.
band "Balmorhea". This show was at the Granada Theater in Dallas
5/9/08. Recording sessions are in the works this summer and a tour
that may bring them through El Paso.
Submitted by Rick Kern

Nicole Kern - recording a movie soundtrack

(Click Image to View)
Balmorhea was asked to do the sound track
for George Berman's movie "Dog Pound" to
be released in the spring. He had seen them
perform two concerts in France during their
recent European tour. We went to Austin to
see Nicole and the group lay down tracks.
The technology has really improved compared
to what we used back in the 70's.
Submitted by Rick Kern

Nicole at the board - checking one of her tracks...

Yeah! I like that...
Submitted by Rick Kern